Recommended Products
For Your Biewer Terrier

All the products below are ones that I use with my Biewer Terriers. I would only recommend those items that have worked for me and that I personally use myself.

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on my personal experience. If you choose to purchase any of these items, you do so of your own volition.

TRANSPARENCY: Some of these links are affiliate links that will provide a commission to me should you buy them when clicking from my website.

Crate & bedding

Groooming Staples

The small combs help to get the eye buggers from your Biewer Terriers' eye corners.

The clear medical tapei is to use on puppy's ears if they start to flop. I will provide puppy owners with an easy video to follow on how to do this.

Food & Nutrition

Any of these recommended foods would be fine to feed them. Just mix it in with the Ziwi Peak.

Currently feeding the puppies Ziwi Peak with my co-op raw. This should be the food the puppies eat when they go home.



Never leave puppies unattended when they are chewing on a bully stick; once it gets very small, remove it from them to prevent choking.

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